Can anyone take the Correspondence Course?

Yes, the course is available to anyone who wants to earn a certificate in Cosmetics and wants to do so independently. You will have one year to complete your course of study at which point you should contact the CCCA for your examination. However, you may request your exam any time after three months of receiving the Course.

Will I learn how to apply makeup?

Yes, the theory of makeup application is presented in several chapters including:
Colour Theory, Makeup and Camouflage/Paramedical Makeup. It will be up to you to put the theoretical information in the course into practical application. You will find having a model to work on and to practice the concepts will help you embed this knowledge.
Makeup is a subject that requires constant upgrading and practice. As you move through your career in the Cosmetics industry you will likely have the opportunity to watch and learn from other makeup artists and you will want to put into practice some of their ideas. The curriculum in the CCCA Correspondence Course will provide you with an excellent base knowledge upon which to build.

Can the CCCA find me a job?

No, our association is not an employment agency, we do not accept or post either jobs or resumes. We hope that successful students of our Correspondence Course will find employment with the many retailers and vendors of cosmetics products but finding the position that best suits you requires your personal attention.

How long will it take to receive my course once my order is placed?
Please allow a minimum of 10 business days to receive your course.
How long will it take to receive the results of my exam?
Results will be provided within ten business days of exam completion.
How much time is allowed to complete and submit my exam?
You have up to 30 days to complete and return the exam from the time you received it by email.
How long will it take to receive my Certificate if I am successful in the exam?
Typically a certificate is provided within ten business days of successful completion of the exam which requires a passing grade of 75% or higher.
What format will my Correspondence Course be in?
You will have the option of studying the Course using a CD-ROM or you may choose to have a hard copy/print copy of the course.
Where do I write my exam?
Your exam will be emailed to the address we have on file for you . . .  you may then to choose to complete your exam in any location you feel is conducive to your success.
Where can I get a job?

The Cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is dynamic and interesting.
There are unlimited opportunities for individuals who are hard-working, disciplined, creative, entrepreneurial and have a strong desire to assist people. You must really love working with people as that is central to our industry. There are different opportunities that will arise and in order to be ready for them you must have a positive attitude toward the concept of life-long learning.

This course is just the beginning to your career in cosmetics but it is a great beginning. You will find a job wherever cosmetics products are sold. The retailers of cosmetics products as well as the companies who produce these products are constantly looking for individuals ready for a challenge.

What kinds of jobs are available to me?

Upon successful completion of this course you will find that a position as a cosmetician or a beauty advisor in a retail setting may be the place to enter this industry. Working with people in the cosmetics department of a drug, department or specialty store is the place you will find most of our graduates.

There are also opportunities to be an entrepreneur that are provided through direct selling companies such as Mary Kay, Avon and Artistry to name just a few. These very successful organizations have individuals who work in beauty while working independently.

Many of them love this career so much that they stay with the same employer for years. Others find that they want to move on to newer and bigger challenges and may move from one retail outlet to another larger one.

You may find a particular segment of the industry is of more interest to you. For example, you may decide that you love selling fragrance and that what you really want is to share this knowledge with many people. Perhaps working part time is best for your life and working as a freelance demonstrator for a manufacturer of a cosmetics line is what works for you.

There are as many opportunities in our industry as you want. The key is finding the one that makes you feel happy.

How much should I expect to make when beginning the new job of a Makeup Artist?

As far as pay goes, it will depend on several variables.
The first would be where you are working. For example, a Freelance Makeup Artist can be paid either directly, or through the agency that sends you to your jobs (like a hair stylist and fashion stylist for a model would be), or, if you are working as a Makeup Artist in an environment/venue like a store or salon – which would pay you per client or by the hour/week.

The second variable would be your actual job. As a Makeup Artist, some companies that you work for might call you a Makeup Artist, but doing the exact same job in a different environment/venue might call you a Cosmetician or Beauty Advisor. With that job would come duties other than the basic application of make-up. Responsibilities such as sales (which is always the number one “duty”), inventory control, visual merchandising and display, housekeeping, etc… So, what your job description is will vary – along with your rate of pay.

The third variable would be your experience and knowledge/education. If Makeup Artistry is what you want, it is an extremely competitive industry. Therefore, people with a lot of experience tend to land jobs more often and more easily than those without experience. Knowledge and education can make a big difference as well.

Again, depending on what your actual job is, knowing more than how to apply makeup makes you a much better applicant for jobs. The CCCA Correspondence Course does not train you to the practical application necessary to become a Makeup Artist but it does however train you in the theory of Colour, Makeup, and Camouflage/Paramedical Makeup.