Since 1977 the Canadian Cosmetic Careers Association has strived to provide professional development opportunities for members of the Cosmetics industry.  As a not-for-profit organization we assist individuals in their personal professional development within the cosmetics industry.

We accomplish this through two different branches of the organization.

One is through education and our Correspondence Course.  This course was originally launched in 1980 in answer to the educational needs of cosmeticians who wanted to study but were unable to attend an educational institution as a full time student.  The course was prepared by individuals with both an academic background and experience in the cosmetics industry.  Since that time the course has been updated and revised to maintain its relevancy and to keep pace with our dynamic industry.

Our Accreditation program was created after retailers, vendors and other members of the Cosmetics industry requested a way to establish a standard of excellence as well as the ability to recognize those individuals who have embraced their careers in this industry. The Accreditation Program recognizes the contributions that professional cosmeticians make to the Cosmetics industry and, to enhance their image in the eyes of customers, employers, and the industry in general.

The association also understands the challenges of studying in preparation for this industry and offers Scholarship awards to students in Community Colleges who offer Diploma programs of study.